What we improved this year

How we improved the lodge this year

What we improved this year

What we improved this year at the lodge for the guests took all winter. We worked inside and out. Have a look at both below :

How we improved the lodge this year inside

New en-suite in the luxury family room

Starting with the inside the “Luxury family room” had a completely new salle de bain . As its the biggest bathroom in the house we decided on an Italian walk in shower. Its 1.40m x 90cm. Theres also new flooring etc etc

For a full walk through of the luxury family room click here. You can also have a quick video tour.

How we improved the lodge this year outside :

What we improved this year

As our repeat customers know , we are always looking to upgrade the lodge. This year with a rapidly evolving covid situation, we decided that we needed more space outside. We had  two main goals in mind.

New outdoors breakfast area.

Firstly we have been obliged to change our breakfast, so we needed a seating area outside thats also covered. So we replaced the summer kitchen with a brand new one. We also covered the entire kitchen area, so theres plenty of room for all four rooms to remain in your own “covid safe zone”. The breakfast is still the same ingredients and principal. Its a help youreslf , all you can eat, buffet inside the house then order any eggs on your way to breakfast beside the pool.


New pool level sun terrace

So while we were out there , we put a new sun terrace on the side of the pool. This is a large deck covered with massive double bean bags and a camouflage cover over the top. This can easily take two families , leaving a lot of other space for the other two sets of guests. It also works out as a totally awesome sunset spot beside the pool.

People have totally loved the extra space and the breakfast outside.

See how well it went down on TripAdvisor.


We hope this has been helpful. If you want to know any more about how we improved the lodge this year or how we are dealing with covid by expanding your living space, just drop us a line here. We have also worked on the website to give you more information, see below.


Its not only the lodge inside and out. We have also been working hard on providing information on any subject we get asked about a lot, surfing. One thing we get asked about every year , is how to read a surf report. We have put together a really simple guide for beginers. Its up the top menu under “Surf”. Heres a look at the page, enjoy and hope it ansers a load of question for you all.

How to read a surf guide for beginers





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