We Are Open 2019

we are open 2019

We are open 2019 season is going to be a good one for all.

We Are Open 2019

We are open 2019 & The Pool Is Tropical

We are open 2019 with a tropical pool. This year its only fare to heat the pool for all our guests. Its true that in August its about 30 anyway , but now it is all the time. Our first guests tomorrow would normally have been a bit apprehensive about jumping into a pool that only about 16 degrees. Its now a constant 28 degrees day and night. Same as Costa Rica , just to give that troppo holiday vibe.

For the Opening 2019 The Lodge is Better Than Ever

We are open 2019 and better than ever. Every year we try and come up with some more things to make your holidays even more special.

we are open 2019

On our trip to Bali last year we bought you all back a special present. To add to our bean bag army , we just got 2 massive double couch bags. Have a close look here at what else is included in the lodge for your stay.


“The proof is in the pudding” , as they say. We are open 2019 and we are really very proud to have achieved a “Certificate of Excellence 2018” with TripAdvisor. It doesn’t need describing , but its a hard one to achieve , so we are stoked !. We couldn’t be any happier also with our 5 star rating. See what our previous guests have been saying.

Contact us

We are open for 2019 and would love to speak with you. If you have any questions about the Lodge, please dont hesitate to drop us a line. You may have some surfing ideas for your holidays and need some more specific info on the surf side of things, so just give us a call, we are always around.

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