Switching The Pool to Salt Water

Switching The Pool to Salt Water


Why Switching The Pool to Salt Water ?

After the almost 20 years of swimming pool hi,s and lows with the Chlorine purification system , we decided to take the easier option, turning to salt. The pool has been a central feature of the Lodge being 63 m3 (tonnes of water). It has a temperature control set to 27° all summer, really handy when its 40° air temp and the pool remains cool.

The high points of having a pool is when its crystal clear , heated  and perfect every day.  With the new Hayward  Salt & Swim purification system we will be able to offer the most efficient, planet friendly , purification system available. Being salt the pool experience is way softer on our skin with less red eyes etc.

The low points with swimming pool maintenance comes in with heat of the summer. It doesn’t take much to upset the chemistry of a standard chlorine pool. Once the Ph has moved a bit due to rain , heatwave etc , algues starts and bingo, you have a bright green pool. This is obviously not ideal with guests in the house. Its been great a generally all guests have enjoyed a clear pool over the years , however there has been a few points, with heatwaves mainly, where its looked a bit green …..  ( apologies again to anyone who knows )


How it works :

The beauty of a salt electrolyser is that it produces chlorine by electrolysis of the salted water. Very clean and very efficient. The system includes a Ph regulator, which means that perfect full chlorination is always achieved. No more chlorine to buy or any other products to put in the water.

You can see below it has various different chlorination settings and basically does everything automatically, which is a bonus !

Really looking forward to meeting you all this summer and we are sure you’ll enjoy the pool.

Give us a call if you need any more information.

Switching The Pool to Salt Water

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