Surf Questions Answered

Everything that you wanted to know from reading charts, fitness, wave count, goals & expectations, equipment, the kook thing, and more ......

Surf questions answered

Surf questions answered. This page was put together after many years of teaching beginner / improver surfers. Like the other surf pages in the menu its a source of info to help you. When starting out down the road of becoming a surfer theres a lot of things to know. Within this page you will find detailed descriptions of some of the most frequent questions.

Learn the basics and really improve your surfing faster. Understand your equipment , where to go surf and when, and general do,s and donts for the early part of your journey.

Happy surfing

How to Read a Surf Report

Everything you didnt understand explained. Dont be intimidated by the charts anymore, learn here to read Windguru and MagicSeaweed and get it right every time you go surf

The next steps

General surf knowledge will really help your ability to improve surfing faster.

Once you have your head around the reading of surf reports its time to look at the other aspects in the section below.

Preparation for surf involves research, physical and mental fitness , and  motivation to continue when things dont go right.

The two sections below will help you with this :

Improve Surfing Faster Tips

A few crucial things every beginner or improver should know in order to progress your surfing faster.

Dont Be A Kook

Persistence is the enemy of kookiness: it’s the reason that every good surfer became good, and it’s what ultimately separates kooks from real surfers.

This is a good starting point

The above should help you out to understand a few important points and help prioritize in order to progress.
Just have a quick look at the one below about ” La Nord” , its a legend of a wave to set your sights for later down your surfing road.

Surfing La Nord Hossegor

Know the truth about surfing the legendary La Nord Hossegor ,one of the best big waves in Europe.