Improve Surfing Faster Tips

Having experienced the first rush of a real wave some people want to take it further. Everyone has different ideas about how to surf better quicker. Its no good hoping and praying to become a better surfer, this is up to you. The motivation is a great starting block. However, like anything new, running before you can walk slows it down.

This is a simple guide to help you get things in the right order. There’s a lot to figure out , so hope this helps you. We are going to look at 5 subjects for you to understand. If you keep it simple and stick to these , you’ll go far :

  1. Conditions
  2. Wave Count
  3. Equipment
  4. Your Goals & Expectations
  5. Fitness

Conditions :

AS we have mentioned in a previous page, how to read a surf forecast, this is the first and most important part of improving. After this point, understanding yourself, your own capabilities and your own surfing goals (goals are covered later) is a solid starting point.

  • Remain realistic for your level : If you’ve just started , theres a good chance your surf fitness is developing but not developed yet. Keep the size of swell realistic for your paddle strength. Remaining safe is ALWAYS the number 1 on the list. If you jump into a massive ocean , there will be strong currents, for sure. These need strong paddle power and understanding of how to exit them.
  • Be fully comfortable with your understanding of the surf charts. Only go if its suitable for your level. Your understanding of the surf forecasts is one of the fastest ways to improve.
  • Improving means pushing your limits. This is fun and creates a great arena for growth. The slight difference here is , you are in the ocean. Therefore you cannot push your limits to the point of exhaustion. Unlike skating or snowboarding you arent on terra firma. One of the Improve Surfing Faster Tips is DONT EVER run your batteries to flat. Always leave enough paddle power to deal with a rip current.
  • Study the charts, choose a size swell thats appropriate, with the correct wind and keep everything realistic for your comfort zone.

Wave Count :
improve surfing faster tips

Wave count is an obvious one , but greatly misunderstood by the average beginner / improver. Its actually a numbers game.  How many times does it take you to learn a basic move on a skate or snowboard  or anything else ? Well the ocean is the same. The more waves you get the more you surf. For better or worse , thats the equation. Theres a few DO,s & DONT’S  with this one to avoid


  •  put yourself into a spot on the beach where the waves are actually breaking. Its easy to feel intimidated by crowds or bigger waves. If you sit outside the zone watching theres a few problems: You wont surf, therefore wont improve, being the most relevant.
  • Paddle for everything. You have chosen a day thats appropriate waves ( as you now understand the charts) ,so go for it. Paddle for every wave that you have the right to get. Wether you catch it or not, it improves paddle power, gives the right signal to the crowd ( that your serious) , and improves your confidence.
  • Remember its a numbers thing. The more waves you catch the more seconds/ minutes / hours you clock up on your board. This simply is a core part of “Improve Surfing Faster Tips”


  • Sit with brain fog watching everyone else ( if your tired get out).
  • Sit feeling intimidated by people that surf better ( we all start somewhere), paddle over with a smile and do your thing. This is called earning respect. It works.
  •  Sit in the ocean with a surf board doing nothing. Theres too many people in the water these days, so get the job done and get out. People will get pissed off if you sit there doing nothing , as it creates an extra danger for all around.

Correct Equipment :

Improve surfing faster tipsSurf Equipment is one of the most important elements. Board, Wetsuit and leash, thats it , so get it right. Improve surfing faster tips : DONT do what this guy in the first covid lockdown did. He deserves to be locked up !!!! Its the FINS , if you haven’t spotted it. This guy ,whos about to go to jail, WILL NOT IMPROVE on this board. What he will do is get really frustrated. He will also put everyone around him in danger. A board with 3 fines at the back will be fully out of control, the 2 side fins should be in the front. . Heres a few points for you to look good and feel good in the water.

DO Surf Better Quicker

  • DO : Contact us here if you want to speak about it.
  • DO : Get a board with volume thats appropriate to your height and weight. This means the amount of foam and fiberglass your going to surf on. A big heavy person is not going to have fun on a tiny board, they need more volume to float easier. The more buoyant the board the faster it paddles. The faster it paddles the more waves you get. This directly affects wave count. There are a number of free volume calculators on the net. Simply put in your weight / height / fitness & experience and these clever little things will give you the litres of volume needed. Stick to this and be honest about your experience and fitness 🙂
  • DO : If you are a beginner or an improver, start on foam ! This is without doubt the best option. Dont be too quick to swap your foamy for a hard board. They have mega volume which ups your wave count. They are foam so you cannot hurt yourself. They go really well and CAN be maneuvered for basic tricks like cutbacks and floaters.
  • DO : Plenty of “honest research” before going and buying. Honest research means , honesty about your experience and fitness. It also means try (really hard) to speak to a surfer with experience, call us here if you dont know one. If you walk into a local big brand surf shop with a fat wallet , youll get ripped off , for sure !. 9 times out of 10 you will be sold a super beautiful looking high performance board that WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU, but will be great in a 10 foot Indonesian tube, sadly its the state of the surf business.
  • DO : Stick with a thruster. This is a board with 3 fins. They are the most stable and reliable in all situations.

DONT Surf Better Quicker

  • DONT : Spend a fortune . Your first board will get battered and bruised easily.
  • DONT : Forget the correct volume that youve calculated above.
  • DONT : Be cool ! Sounds mad , but every improving surfer is chomping at the bit to walk down the beach with a super sick looking brand new board. DONT DO IT ! . The facts are , everyone spots a beginner with a performance board from a mile away. This then has instantly created an attention magnet. Everyone wants to see how well this “newbe” surfs. Its a direct setup for failure. The new surfer that looks cool and is respected is the one that actually clocks up a few rides, no matter how ugly the big fat board looks. This also adds to your stoke factor, which in turns boosts confidence.
  • DONT : Get to hot or cold. Do research on your spot, and know what type of wetsuit ( if any) you need. Its the best way to ruin a surf , being too cold or hot.
  • DONT : Assuming the leash is good as new can bite you in the arse. Check it not got any stress marks or is looking really old. When they snap , it can be a long swim, for some too long. It can aslo end up in your board being trashed on the rocks.

Goals and Expectations

This is a bit of a funny one. Funny because its such an individual thing. Some people have a simple goal of cruising along a point break on a perfect little 2 foot wave on a longboard. Others have different goals, maybe like Kelly in the photo of his 8th win at Pipeline, but please keep them real.

As with many things in surfing , keeping it real will help you surf better quicker. Remember that goals are great , expectations put pressure on yourself.

All too often , i have personally had students turn up with a list of maneuvers they want to get done in the weeks course. IT DOESNT WORK LIKE THIS. Firstly the ocean is boss. Its unlikely to get super perfect conditions every-time you surf. Progressing slowly but surely is the only way with surfing. A tried and tested method is to improve with your stoke factor. To be clear this means , if you go to the beach expecting to pull a “method air” most will leave the beach pissed off. This is a way to ruin the entire experience all together. Go to the beach with a goal of having fun and MAYBE pulling a new trick.

Improve Surfing Faster Tips : Fitness

Improve Surfing Faster Tips : Go swim.

Let get this right. Surfers are stereotypically ripped and mega fit. This is due to hours of paddling. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. What we look like on the outside doesn’t always mean your fit or unfit. This guy doesnt look so fit, but hes totally ripped in his core and super fit.

Theres 2 solutions to give you the paddle power you need …. SWIMMING. Boring as hell some might think, but it works.  The second is CORE STRENGTH training.

If you are planning a surf trip and only surf a few times a year , prepare yourself. Get down the public swimming pool and go hard at it of a couple of weeks before you travel. You will improve on your surf trip and not come back hurting and feeling defeated. Get the pain out of the way before you go!

Hopefully this little guide will have given a few “Improve surfing faster tips” for you to take forward with you. If you have any question contact us here. If you want to have a look at us and Tripadvisor click here.