Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets

Surf Holidays near Moliets and Hossegor at the Secret Spot Surf Lodge. We have spent our almost all of our working lifes welcoming guests and teaching surfing. The list below shows all the different surfing options you can choose when you stay with us. It also contains some crucial tips and advice for beginners and improvers. Contact us here if you have any questions or have some other surf options in mind.

Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets

  • ISA qualified instructor with 40 years experience
  • SLSGB surf life saving certified
  • Licensed and insured
  • Group lessons
  • Private tuition
  • Advanced coaching
  • Best surf guide on the coast
  • All equipment provided.

Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets :Group Lessons

Whether you or are a complete beginner or already surf but want to take your surfing to the next level we will help you progress faster, refine your technique and master new moves! Groups are usually run after breakfast to get the best condition’s of the surf lessons

  • Groups of up to 8
  • Family groups
  • First timers or improvers
  • All equipment provided
  • Licensed and insured
  • 40 years experience
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Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets :Private Surf lessons

If  you book a private surf lesson, we understand that you are serious about improving you skills. We take your commitment seriously and guarantee that you will get the kind of lessons your hoping for. Any existing problems or bad habits will be diagnosed and corrected.

Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets


  • Tailor made lesson  after assessment
  • Equipment included
  • Ocean safety and awareness
  • Paddling technique
  • Popping up
  • Duck diving
  • Wave selection
  • Reading surf reports
  • Cutbacks , floaters and other manoeuvres
  • Best waves for your ability
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Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets :Secret Spot Surf Guiding

If you can already surf and came here because of the quality waves, then this is for you. Only a local knows which banks are working and when, ….   you know a guide makes sense.Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets

  • Half or full day
  • Spot chosen according to skill
  • Best waves for that day guaranteed
  • Guided all the way to the peak
  • tip on do’s and donts of that wave
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                             Surf equipment hire with usSurf Holidays Hossegor Moliets

  • Free boards and wet-suits ( Surf & Stay packages)
  • Cheapest equipment hire in area
  • Board rack for car (soft rack )
  • Free wax
  • New boards
  • New wet-suits
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How to read a surf report for beginners

We have tried to answer all the questions you have about how to read a surf report. Its a quick and easy run through of Magicseaweed and Winguru.

  • Understand swell period
  • Understand swell size
  • Understand your spot
  • Understand the wind
  • Make better choices
  • Improve faster
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Improve Surfing Tips Faster

A few crucial things every beginner or improver should know in order to progress your surfing faster. Click this page  to get  your  questions  answered.Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets

  • Conditions
  • Wave Count
  • Equipment
  • Your Goals & Expectations
  • Fitness
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Surfing La Nord Hossegor

A legendary wave that demands a lot of respect. Plenty talk of surfing La Nord but only a few are lucky enough to experience this special wave. We put together a few Do’s and Dont’s and tried to de-mystify the truth about surfing here.surfing la nord hossegor

  • Where is La Nord exactly ?
  • When should i try and surf it ?
  • How to and what do i need ?
  • Get the truth before you think about going.
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Understand the term “Kook” and how to avoid it.

You will hear this word floating around when you begin to spend more time in the water. You may have already been referred to as one and smiled back without understand it. Learn here how to not be one and what one is.

  • What is a kook
  • Avoid being one
  • A look at surf culture and Kookiness
  • Gain knowledge in the water
  • Become a respected surfer in the line up


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Soon-line Surf Shop

We have our friends at Soonline surf shop just down the road in Moliets. They will offer any of our guests a 10% discount on all items .surf holidays hossegor moliets

  •  Clothes
  •  Boards
  •  Equipment
  • Sun-glasses
  • Skateboards
  • Accessories

You may want to buy a surf board , body board , or some other accessories. Go down to Soon-line and tell them you are staying with us. One of the oldest surf shops in the area. The best advice on what to get and what to not get for your level of skating or surfing guaranteed.

Get in touch with soon-line here

Eyeball Surf Reports.

We do our best to provide up to date reports and images of exactly whats happening on the beach for that day.area

  • Daily eyeball reports
  • Forecasts for the week
  • Sand bank conditions
  • Beaches holding competitions.
View our eyeball surf reports and blog here

Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets

Surf holidays in Hossegor and Moliets are the aim for most European surfers, as it has the best in Europe and some of the best waves of the planet.  We have a variety of waves . In the summer its typically the friendly 2-4 foot mellow waves. This sets a great stage for the summer tourists coming to brush up or start their surfing skills. As the season moves on to autumn, its starts pumping. We start with the Quicksilver world finals right here in Hossegor in October that says it all really. From this time on ( and sometimes in summer) you can find waves like the video below.The nearer to Hossegor you get the more big wave spots and challenging waves  there are. The reason this area is so blessed is we have an abyss ( the size of the Colorado canyon called the “Gouf de Capbreton“, have a look at it here, to see how serious it is. Its a very similar set up to Nazare in Portugal. This is the reason we have such great little waves for beginners  in the summer and  when the season changes we have dredging barrels for the more confident. This video shows off Hossegor in November 11th 2023.


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