Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets 2018

surf holidays hossegor moliets 2018

Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets 2018

Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets 2018 this year are so much better with us. For the last 10 years we have been perfecting our lodge with the help of feedback from guests. We understand what makes a holiday perfect and appriciate all the feedback thats helped us perfect our lodge for you.

Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets 2018

This year we are happy to say that we have now every room with its own ensuite bathroom. This is just one of our extras for 2018.Surf Holidays Hossegor Moliets 2018

We open May 15th for your surf holidays Hossegor Moliets 2018 and are looking forward to welcoming our 2018 guests. We cater for all. For those who surf, or want to surf the Secret Spot Lodge is the best place to be in the Hossegor area. We have a whole range of surfing options available for our guests. Check our group or private lessons to guiding. We have family group lessons available, this is a great way to learn without being hearded around in big groups.

If surfing is not too high on your list of things to do there is a whole bunch of other activities availble near our lodge. a look at what we have around us here

Our Area

We have an exceptional area around us. We are set in a forest but, but a few minutes from the beach. You can surf and trek in the mountains the same day. Spain is 40 minutes away. Have a look at our comprehensive list here of whats around us.

Our lodge

Make sure you know how comfortable your stay will be with us and have a look at the details of all our ensuite rooms here and the rest of the Lodge.

We are proud of the fact that guests love their stay with us an have a 5 star rating on Tripadvisor. See what people have to say about us on Tripadvisor here.

We hope that all of the details above are of help to you and your friends or family. If you arent sure about anything or need more details please dont hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you out.


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