Covid Policies and Changes 2021

Covid Policies and Changes 2021

Covid Policies and Changes 2021 have been made in order to protect our guests this summer at the Lodge.  They fall into 2 noticeable categories, our new policies and changes made around the Lodge. As we are all aware the Covid situation changes on a regular basis, therefore we will be rolling with it and changes things as the story unfolds. To be clear this means that if things get better or worse our policies will be adapted to the relevant situation in time. Please feel free to contact us here with any queries not answered in this page.

How we have adapted the Lodge for Covid

It seems to be the less contact with other humans the better at the moment. This is not however the ideal case scenario for a holiday.Here are a few steps we have taken to create a safe and relaxing holiday at out Lodge.

  • New fully waterproof summer kitchen area.

Our old summer kitchen has been removed and a 4×4 meter pergola has been put up over a brand new kitchen. This is connected to the other terrace creating a 8×4 dry area outside. What this means is that we can keep all doors open , creating air flow throughout the house.

  • Outdoors for breakfast.

Our breakfast buffet has been a consistent crowd pleaser for many years now. The all you can eat , self service buffet sadly can no longer exist under French law. For this reason we have decided that this summer our guests will enjoy eating at a private table for their room number. The 4 tables will be located outdoors under the new pergola beside the pool.

Covid Policies and Changes 2021

  • Masks indoors.

For the moment  the laws in France dictate that indoors masks are still recommended. For this reason we are obliged to follow the recommendations. Having said that , as described above, the house will have all doors and windows open full-time. If the weather turns and guests share the TV area for example , it will be requested to follow the current recommendations.

  •  New 21m sq terraced area by the pool.

As we have 4 rooms catering for 12 guests, we have built a new terrace of 21 meters squared beside the pool. This has created a huge amount of extra space outside to enjoy the pool , without being anywhere near other guests. Combined with the other 2 terraces existing it will make over 100m2 of terrace. This is 25m2 per room, or 270 sq feet !


How our policies have changed due to covid19

Its an ever changing covid climate that we are monitoring. For the moment we have these policies in place to protect us and our guests.

  • Covid tests

International travelers will be asked to provide the same proof of a negative covid19 test  as  they needed to leave their country of origin.

French Nationals : will be asked to follow the national guidelines.

Anyone showing symptoms: will be asked to follow French guidelines.

  • Cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy is being changed to deal with every situation possible.

  1. If the guests country of origin forbids travelling to France we will refund the deposit in full. 72hrs notice is needed however in order for us to try and fill the gap
  2. If a member of the group shows a positive test we will refund the deposit. We will need a minimum of 48 hours for this. Proof will be required.

We look forward to seeing you all.

We are really looking forward to welcoming guests and have done the best we can to make a safe relaxing environment. As the world begins to recover we are happy to know that we have created a covid safe spot to enjoy the French summer. See you all soon.

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