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Finest quality ingredients, locally grown and organic.....

Most important meal of the day and our changes due to covid19

We pride ourselves and are well known for producing the kind of breakfast you hope for on your holiday. Wake up to the smell of fresh coffee , hot baked croissants, chocolatines , cakes and of course home-made French crepes.
Enjoy your breakfast on the sun terrace beside the pool. Help yourself to the buffet inside ,tell us how you want your eggs and we will bring them out .We have extended and covered the terraces of course so theres plenty of room.


T,s and Coffee

Of course we have tasty cutting edge coffees from a coffee bag machine and filtered coffee machine. For the T lovers we have a selection of fine T,s from around the world. Of course the good old English breakfast T as well  ! T and coffee is free all day long.

Fresh fruits

Our selection of fresh fruit every morning is always a good way  to start with the  healthy feel good factor at any breakfast, and our breakfast has a health theme.

Honey and Jam

No corners cut , you will be eating fresh honey from the Pyrenees and selection of  home-made jam by the family.

Fresh Bio Eggs

Fresh bio eggs available every morning bought all the way from the Chalosse where the family have plenty of well looked after chickens happy to provide you with the eggs for your breakfast.  We can fry / boil / scramble / or poach them for you , just ask.

Ham and Cheese

We have a board full of various breakfast meats available with a selection of cheeses to go with it.


We have a variety of healthy cereals and a few less healthy ones for those that need a sugar fix in the morning.

Fresh Crepes, Gauffres & Cakes !

Nelly gets the kitchen fired up early in the morning and one of the first things is her secret recipe for home-made French Crepes. It doesn’t stop here though , every morning you can expect a different cake , gauffre or other homemade delight.

Croissants and Chocolatines

Yes , wake up to the smell of freshly baked croissants and chocolatines. The oven is fired up early every morning so that you have a selection of hot pastries to choose from.

Special dietary needs ?

Contact us with details and we will get back to you.

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