Spain with its tapas and vibrant culture

The Secret Spot is a 45 minute drive from Spain. The Spanish culture in obviously hugely different to the French culture and the minute you cross the boarder you can smell the tapas and feel the difference in the air. Here are 4 of our favorite spots.

San Sebastian:

Relax in San Sebastian

San Sebastián is a resort town on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s mountainous Basque Country. It’s known for Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta, beaches framed by a picturesque bayfront promenade, and world-renowned restaurants helmed by innovative chefs. In its cobblestoned old town (Parte Vieja), upscale shops neighbor vibrant pintxo bars pairing local wines with bite-size regional specialties.

  • 1.18 hrs/€18 travel
  • Tapas
  • Old town
  • Aquarium
  • Beaches
  • Cheap shopping

Col d’ibardin :area

The Col d’Ibardin is on the the Basque coast in the foothills of the Rhune mountains, in a forest of ancient oak trees and close to the beaches of Saint-Jean de Luz and Hendaye

  • 1hr / 84 k’s / €13.60
  • Cheap shopping
  • € 10 menus
  • Amazing views
  • 10 mins to St.Jean de luz


Hondarribia is a town situated on the west shore of Bidasoa river’s mouth, in Gipuzkoa, in Basque Country, Spain. The border town is sited on a little promontory facing Hendaye over the Txingudi bay.

  • 1hr / 96k,s / €15.60
  • Picturesque border port
  • Cheap shopping
  • Tapas
  • Boat crossings France-Spain


Zarautz is a coastal town located in central Gipuzkoa, in Spain. It is bordered by Aia to the east and the south and Getaria to the west.


  • 1.21 hrs / 123 k’s / €22
  • Famous Cideria ( €20 menu)
  • Amazing countryside
  • Cheap shopping