Discover Landes Aquitaine SW Francelandes aquitaine sw france

Landes Aquitaine SW France is the Côte d’Argent or Silver Coast. This is the name of the Aquitaine coastline stretching from the Gironde estuary to the Basque coast, through the Landes de Gascogne. On one side the Atlantic ocean and its waves known to surfers from around the world. 106 kms of sandy coastline bordered by dunes. On the other side the pine forest with oaks, heather and gorse bracken. The largest man made forest in Europe, which offers a magnificent landscape scattered with lakes, ponds and streams. During your stay here , you can ramble through the endless walkers paths in the forest, or go and have a look at some of the many attractions listed on the interactive Google map below.

We have done out best to cover everything including, places to eat, things to do, must see places to visit, shops, pharmacies and more . Below is information from the Northern beaches of Landes right down to San Sebastian in Spain, and a bit further. Here’s an interactive Google map to carry around with you :


Azur Area

Azur area is 20 minutes north of the madding crowd. Close enough to enjoy the glitz of Hossegor area to the south. We are far enough away to have a tranquilo environment to relax and enjoy the quiet. We are surrounded by forest that borders the beach. Our little village has a couple of restaurants and a bakery. We are very close to Soustons lake, which has stunning scenery, with a Stand Up Paddle center at the end of our road. The lake also has a watersports center to try windsurfing or sailing.

Beaches :


Landes Aquitaine SW France

Less than ten minutes away Messanges is our closest beach. It is life guarded during the season.It has a very nice restaurant at the top of the sand dune, world famous for its sunsets. It also has a snack bar to keep you going through the long beach days. At the top of the road theres also another restuarant with excellent rum and a nice pizza place, next to the surf shop.

MolietsLandes Aquitaine SW France

Moliets is the next beach north from Messanges. Its a very large beach bordered by a golf course and forest. The Huchet river meets the ocean here. A great surfing beach. Its has a great selection of different restaurants and bars and always has a great holiday vibe.

La Lette

This beach is just north of Moliets. It has a large shaded parking. The beach is life guarded during the summer. It is bordered by forest and very tranquilo, a completely different vibe to the beaches further south around Hossegor.

Activities :

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KartingLandes Aquitaine SW France

This is really a fully adrenaline fun filled day out for groups, couples families and everyone in between. Theres stuff for younger kids as well.

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Horse ridingLandes Aquitaine SW France

They will guide you for long walks along the beach in the ocean , or through the never ending forests of les Landes.

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Yogalandes aquitaine sw france

We have courses at the lodge or you can join courses on the beach.

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Restaurants :

Ostagailandes aquitaine sw france

The Ostagai is in the center of the village and is a restaurant bar. The owners are fantastic chefs and hosts, and the food is great.

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Relais de postelandes aquitaine sw france

Fish from the sea or the river Adour, poultry, duck and foie gras from the Landes, beef from Chalosse, game, asparagus from Magescq

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Restaurant du Lac Azur

The restaurant du Lac is owned by the former Auberge du Soliel and offers and traditional menu from the local area. Exceptional views.

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Hossegor area

landes aquitaine sw france

Moving further south in Landes Aquitaine SW France 20 km north of Biarritz and 20 K’s south of Azur. The Hossegor area is  well known as a surfing center and is considered as probably one of the best in the world. Capbreton is its neighbour with its picturesque port and consequently some great fish restaurants and beautiful beaches. We have created a short list

Seignosse:Seignosse area

Seignosse is one of the first beach side resorts heading south towards Hossegor. Its has a host of amazing beaches starting at Le Penon with its cafes , brand new skate park on the beach, water-park and most of all its world famous surf.

Golf :Landes Aquitaine SW France

We have a large variety of World class courses, catering for all skill levels from the pro to the beginner,all within a 20 min drive from our B&B.

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Atalantic waterpark :Landes Aquitaine SW France

The Atlantic water park is a great day out for all the family. Its just 20 mins from us.

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The Zone :landes aquitaine sw france

Well known for its massive discount on everything surf skate and snow.

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Capbreton:landes aquitaine sw france

Located at the mouth of the Boudigau and Bourret rivers, the town is situated about 40 km north of Biarritz and 20k’s south of Azur. Its just south from Hossegor and has a very nice fish market and of course some great fish restaurants.

Fishing :Landes Aquitaine SW France

Fishing trips on the ‘Jean b’ can be arranged to leave for deep ocean fishing from Capbreton port.

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Skating :Landes Aquitaine SW France

For the skaters Capbreton has a new park with a full bowl. Many other top skate park are in the area.

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The surf :

Capbreton is home to the world famous hard-core wave of VVF , Santosha and the beaches stretching down south.

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Hossegor tourist info

If you need any more details or information the tourist board will be very happy to hear from you.

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Basque Countrybasque country

Basque Country (Euskadi) is an independant community in northern Spain with strong cultural traditions. It has a celebrated cuisine and a distinct language that pre-dates the Romance languages. The riverside city of Bilbao is a center of architecture and design, where you will find cutting-edge landmarks such as the titanium-clad Guggenheim Museum.

Heres a handy map to help you quickly find everything :

Bayonne is the  Landes Aquitaine SW France boarder :

Bayonne is a city in the Basque Country region of Landes Aquitaine SW France, where the Nive and Adour rivers meet. Narrow medieval streets characterize the old Grand Bayonne district.basque country

  • 53 k’s / 42 mins /€8.48 travel
  • Gothic style Bayonne cathedral
  • Basque Museum (art & crafts)
  • Jardin Botanique de Bayonne
  • Chocolate heaven
  • Basque Capital

 Biarritz :Landes Aquitaine SW France

Biarritz, an elegant seaside town on south western France’s Basque coast. Just over the Landes Aquitaine SW France border. It has been a popular resort since European royalty began visiting in the 1800s. It’s also the first beach surfed in Europe, so has a strong surfing history.

  • 66k’s / 52 mins / €10.88 travel
  • Cote de Basque
  • Aquarium
  • Casino
  • Grand plage
  • Roche de Vierge

St Jean de Luz :Landes Aquitaine SW France

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques in south-western France. Saint-Jean-de-Luz is part of the Basque province of Labourd. Extremely pretty with great restaurants.

  • 72ks / 52 mins / €12.36 travel
  • Louis XIV house
  • Botanical gardens
  • Casino
  • Beach
  • Restaurants

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The Secret Spot is a 45 minute drive from Spain. The Spanish culture in obviously hugely different to the French  and the minute you cross the boarder you can smell the tapas and feel the difference in the air. Here are 4 of our favorite spots.

San Sebastian:

Relax in San Sebastian San Sebastián is a resort town on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s mountainous Basque Country. It’s known for Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta, beaches framed by a picturesque bayfront promenade, and world-renowned restaurants helmed by innovative chefs. In its cobblestoned old town (Parte Vieja), upscale shops neighbor vibrant pintxo bars pairing local wines with bite-size regional specialties.landes aquitaine sw france

  • 1.18 hrs/€18 travel
  • Tapas
  • Old town
  • Aquarium
  • Beaches
  • Cheap shopping

Col d’ibardin :Landes Aquitaine SW France

The Col d’Ibardin is on the the Basque coast in the foothills of the Rhune mountains, in a forest of ancient oak trees and close to the beaches of Saint-Jean de Luz and Hendaye

  • 1hr / 84 k’s / €13.60 travel
  • Cheap shopping
  • € 10 menus
  • Amazing views
  • 10 mins to St.Jean de luz

Hondaribia:Landes Aquitaine SW France

Hondarribia is a town situated on the west shore of Bidasoa river’s mouth, in Gipuzkoa, in Basque Country, Spain. The border town is sited on a little promontory facing Hendaye over the Txingudi bay.

  • 1hr / 96k,s / €15.60 travel
  • Picturesque border port
  • Cheap shopping
  • Tapas
  • Boat crossings France-Spain

Zarautz:Landes Aquitaine SW France

Zarautz is a coastal town located in central Gipuzkoa, in Spain. It is bordered by Aia to the east and the south and Getaria to the west.

  • 1.21 hrs / 123 k’s / €22 travel
  • Famous Cideria ( €20 menu)
  • Amazing countryside
  • Cheap shopping

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