Heated Swimming Pool This Year.

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Heated Swimming Pool This Year.

Yes, a heated swimming pool this year for your holidays is a nice addition for those who arent going to be here in July and August. Typically the water sits at 30 degrees for a couple of months at the height of summer. Thats great for the high season guests , but it can be a bit chilly early on and at the very end of the season.

Heated swimming Pool This Yea

As our repeat guests know we try every year to add new facilities for our guests.

Heated swimming Pool This YearSo this year we are happy to tell you all that we intend to keep the water sat at 30 degress every day for 6 months. So for those ealry visitors, its not a question of , ” you warm up when your in “. If you want to see how much our guest love the Secret Spot lodge have a look here on TripAdvisor

If you need any more info about our other facilities or anything else please feel free to contact us here.


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