So good September deals

So good September deals

  • Free surf board and wet-suit hire daily (worth €25)
  • Discounted B&B prices

A well kept secret is that the golden months in South West France are September & October.  Guaranteed  long sunny days with the best surf beaches in Europe and no crowds ! To make it even better for you we’ve discounted the B&B price per night and thrown in free-bee wet-suit and board hire worth 25 per day !!!

                                            Sept 15-Oct 15

B&B2 nights2 people€ 145
B&B3 nights2 people€ 219
B&B4 nights2 people€ 280
B&B5 nights2 people€ 350
B&B6 nights2 people€ 400
B&B7 nights2 people€ 475

More people the bigger the discount , contact us

September secret spotSeptember Relax in San Sebastian

Relax in San-Sebastian

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