Endless Hossegor Summer

Endless Hossegor Summer

Endless Hossegor Summer 2017 is always a pleasure. This year as usual in this area of France we are coming to the end of Sept and still have 30 degrees and solid 6 foot surf. Endless Hossegor Summer

Its been a great season for all our our guests that have come and enjoyed theyre holidays at the secret spot lodge. We have had the usuall small friendly summer learner waves. There have also been 3 or 4 unseasonal big swells bringing some classic French barreling waves to our shore in the middle of summer. These conditions have made a few peoples surf trips special by taking our surf guiding days and scoring some super world class barrels.

There are only a few weeks left until we close our doors for 2017 and we are happy to say that shots like the one below are still on offer right up until we shut on Oct 15. If you want to grab a last minute special treat before the European summer kicks in jsy click here to contact us.

endless hossegor summer



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