Covid Update

Covid Update for May & June.

Sadly we will not be opening our doors on May 15th . At the moment the beaches are closed until mid May. We have taken the difficult decision to pull June off of the booking calendar also. At the moment our biggest concern is helping the planet to recover, and will review the situation as it evolves.

July & August

We will be following the government guidelines on our right to open our doors for July & August. This does not mean however that we will exercise our right to open. As everyone (most) on the planet , we are treating covid with great caution. For this reason if we feel its better for the health of our country and planet then will remain shut for the entire summer.

This is obviously a painful decision for us , however we will do whatever we feel is correct to keep ourselves and our potential guests safe. The very last thing we want is for anyone to get sick during a holiday to the Secret Spot Lodge.

Mr.Macron will be adressing the country on Monday /13th/ April. It is widely expected that the lockdown , will move into a far tighter lockdown , and he is expected to be talking in terms of months. He is also expected to anounce that all borders will be closed.

This page will be updated this week with any further news or decisions.

Thanks for your understanding,

Troy & Nelly



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