Skating in the area

For those who like skating , you’ve come to a great place. Over the last 10 years the councils have built really nice new parks everywhere. They have also “pimped ” a few of the old parks. A great example is Seignosse Le Penon. Everybody whos been here remembers the old “grovel” tarmac park, great fun with one bank, but very old. Directly opposite in the carpark they have built an amazing park with a decent little bowl. Heres the before and after :

 seignosse le penon











The idea of this page is to list everywhere thats good skating in the area around us.  We will start north and work south with a numbered list. Each park will have photo , a description and the pros and cons. If you need anymore details on a park or any that arent listed just contact us here. The interactive google map at the bottom can be taken with you on your skate days out, hope it of help.



1   Vielle St.Girons : St.Girons

So good they should have named it twice. This is a hidden gem of a park. Its old school , but not so old that they didnt know what a real pool was. It has a triple clover  pool with a vert deep end and is world class. It has old hard rustic well used pool coping.  This pool is not for the faint hearted. There is a great little street section next to it, basic but fun.This is 20 mins north of us.

ProsNot crowded / Serious pool with vert / No sand / Good vibes



2   Skatepark at Soustons : soustons

This is about 10 years old and the closest to the Lodge. Its a clean good fun little park. It has coping on some of the banks , with a mini type of bowl – roll around area. Theres a flat street section at the top with a couple of bumps to roll over. This is 5 mins from us.

Pros : No sand / near to lodge

Cons : Trottinet ( scooter) heaven / gets crowded / semi old school design



3  Skating Vieux Boucau Skate Park :

As mentioned above, Vieux Boucau is having a massive face-lift this winter 2021. It should be finished by May or June. The old park was typical old school style with a bit of coping and a decent 1/4 pipe. The new park is awesome. They’ve kept and tidied up the old part and added a large bowl area. It has coping all the way round and a spine at one end. Its not finished so cant give to much accurate feedback on it, but looks super good fun:skating Vieux Boucau

Ok March 1st 2022, ITS FINISHED. Yes just skated it and its awesome. Its only 8 minutes form the house. A brand new , super smooth big bowl area , with a spine, different size transitions and some good lines. Theres a rollin and gap as well. This is typical of the new generation parks in the area, really well designed and thought out.

Pros : 10 mins away / brand new / good vibes

Cons : Old park was a trottinet magnet / crowds


4   Skating at Saubion :

Saubion is an older park on the road to Hossegor , but a good one. Its pretty small, similar to Soustons, but its well designed. Theres a small roll in & out bowl area with coping. Theres also a street section with two 1/4 pipes and an extension. This is a mellow place to go skating. Really good fun.

Pros : Not usually crowded / well thought out / good vibes

Cons : Sometimes trottinets invade


5   Seignosse Bourg : Seignosse

Seignosse Bourg is another brand newy. Its pretty big , with a big street section and some real good fun banks. Theres a bowl style transition with coping and a nice extension from that.

Pros : Brand new /can handle a crowd / great street section / different sized banks everywhere

Cons : Not many



6  Skatepark at Seignosse Océan ( Le Penon ) :

This is one of the classic face-lift / rebuilds. Its right on the famous surfing beach at Seignosse Le Penon. Its super smooth and relatively well designed. Theres something for every level. A  huge cradle at one end and a really nice little bowl beside it. The rest of the park has rollin areas ,banks with coping and a generally good fun roll around section. It can get busy. Parents seem to let tiny kids on scooters come and get dangerously in the way, unaware of others. This skatepârk seems to have one principal line , which means it cant really handle a crowd safely. Its right on the beach so attracts an audience , but also sand …….

Pros : Brand new / fast / nice bowl / nice location

Cons : One speed line / crowds / kids an scooters / SAND


7  Skating Capbreton :

Not to be missed ! This is also brand spanking new . Its a massive skatepark, with something for everyone. Theres a huge 4 leaf bowl with never ending super fast lines that is undercover. Therefore the only spot to skate when its wet. Apart from the world class bowl theres an enormous street section with mini 1/4 pipes , boxes , and trick spots all over the place. Theres also another smaller bowl down below. This is without doubt the biggest skatepark in the area. It can handle a crowd , despite the skate-schools that have classes.

Pros : Brand new / massive /undercover / serious bowl / handles a crowd

Cons : None


8  Bowl de Bénesse-Maremne :skatepark Benesse

This is also a hidden gem. Its a bit like Vielle St.Girons bowl , but slightly more mellow. Its situated behind the Hossegor area. Theres no street or any other section, just the bowl. Its got great lines and a few steps to make it over. The great thing is ,its hardly ever busy. There can sometimes be a few mothers with tiny kids on scotters , but nothing compared to other spots.

Pros : Not busy / great shaped bowl

Cons : None


9  Labenne skatepark :

This is an old school park, on the road to Biarritz , but is still pretty good. It has a good fun bowl with street section next to it. It can be a bit of a magnet for groups of kids just hanging around. Theres a massive really good “pump track” right beside it, so something for all here. Its also directly opposite the Labenne Zoo if you get bored .

Pros : Great fun bowl /great pump track

Cons : Can be busy / old


10  Tarnos skatepark :skating Tarnos

This is another super old park on the road south.As usual with the old school parks the banks are mellow. There are two half moon bowl areas with coping. There is also two small bowls connected together with a big street section. In the last few years they have added a snake run through the tress which is great fun.

Pros : Never too busy /mellow / good for all levels

Cons : Old  and a bit sketchy on the design


11  Skatepark de La Barre :

This is mellow as it gets. Its in a great spot at the beach in Anglet. Its a massive super smooth flat area. At one end there are 3 tiny “roll in” bowls joined together, great for first timers. Theres a big metal 1/4 pipe in front of a ramp section with a couple of little transitions and tables. Really great mellow roll around fun for all the family. Because of its position it can get real crowded. Hit it in the morning is best.

Pros : Big area with great seating / nice location / good for all levels / McDonalds next door

Cons : Busy / basic


12  Skatepark Biarritz Lassosalai Skate Club :skatepark Biarritz

Biarritz is the only other covered park in the area apart from Capbreton. Its an awesome indoor park. Its massive with every type of ramp and transition you could think of, including a vert half-pipe. You have to join the club for about €5 or 10, in order to enter. There is a problem here , in that it doesn’t open to the public until 4pm, so its always busy, but really busy !

Website :

Pros : Top quality ramps / well designed / indoors

Cons : Busy busy / entry fee 


13 Mimizan Bowl

This bowl is exactly an hour from us. Its in the lovely beachside town of Mimizan. Its truly a beast of a bowl. By far the biggest of its type in the area. Its about 12 foot deep in the end bowl with about a foot of vert. Its simple design allows a full speed attack. Its smooth, fast, gnarly,  vert and heaps of fun. The bowl is not for the learners though. Theres also a great street section next to the mega bowl with transitions , boxes , and other stuff. A nice little bonus is the burger bar at the side of the park. Really handy for a snack.

Pros : World class bowl , biggest bowl in area, great street section , snack bar

Cons : Can get busywith trottients (scooters),


Check out a map of every skate-park here ….